Monday, 8 April 2013

Welcome Aussie!

Aussie arrived to the Czech republic today and it seems he also brought some sunshine from Australia :) He arrived with his sleeping bag and some nice goods from his homeland. We don't have any eucalyptus here so I hope he will be content with some Czech meals.

One of the first things I showed Aussie was this copy of Klaudyán map- it's the oldest known map of Bohemia (from 1518). Interesting is that it's oriented upside down. We live in the northern Bohemia but on this map we're at the bottom :)

Aussie is also reading the Epic of Gilgamesh with me. It's a part of my maturita exam (it consists of Literature, Czech, English, French and Biology). I guess I should let him read some Czech books after we finish this.

Tomorrow I'm taking Aussie to school and then we shall have a small trip through the historical part of the city.

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