Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Café Nobel: Tardigrades... and the Mole

There's a series of scientific lectures that are given in a café called Fokus Kafe. The public interested in research can go there and enjoy science at a cup of coffee or tea. It's very nice. The lecture is followed by a disscusion with the scientist so it's a great way how to learn something new.
Today me and Aussie attended a lecture about Tardigrades- tiny creatures that are able to transform into a form that can survive almost anything- extreme temperatures, radioactivity.. the scientist think they can live in this form for 120 years and maybe more and still be able to regenerate and reproduce. And they were twice released to space- vacuum wasn't a problem for them. They are just amazing and super cute.


The problem is my camera's battery died so I wasn't able to take some photos of Aussie there. Fokus Kafe is a place where disabled people work and it cooperates with another project for disabled people, a sewing room. It's great because the café is whole decorated with adorable handmade cloth animals crafted in this room. You can buy any  of them so Aussie brought home a new friend. ;)


  1. That tardigrade is kinda cute - it fascinates me that this little creature exists. Cafes and lectures - Aussie is going to come home much smarter than he left - lucky young man!! I don't know if you know but I work with children and adults with disabilities and I love hearing stories where have opportunities to make, create and be valued for their contributions. Can't wait to see the astronaut and Krtecek!!

  2. I had no idea! Maybe I should talk less and listen more :) That's an admirable job. I must say I prefer this café also because the people who work there are great- very nice, polite, they always smile and look honestly happy so I'm happy there too. In many other local cafés the staff acts as if I'm bothering them when I want a cup of coffee :/