Wednesday, 8 May 2013

In the garden

It's warm and sunny here. Finally. I'm having my final exam on the 29th and until then I'm too busy with studying to take Aussie to trips (but many events and trips await us in June!). However studying is a great reason to spend whole day outside in the garden and bathing in the sun with a French textbook and a glass of ice tea. Great lazy days.
So since there's nothing else to do I at least took Aussie outside with me and showed him our garden which is finally awaking. Thanks to my mom's care it's one of my favourite places.

This is my little corner with herbs for the meals I prepare.

And here's my favourite tree- a willow.

Here will be (in a few months) blue grapes. Our grapes are the best ones I've ever eaten. It's a pity I can't send some fresh grapes to Australia with Aussie :)

This is the "hotel" for bees I made with my last little visitor, Pox. The solitary bees lay eggs inside the tunnels and then block the holes with wet clay or mashed grass. Last year the hotel was absolutely full at the end of summer. There are two used tunnels at the moment.

Ústí nad Labem is a valley around the Elbe (Labe) river and we live quite high, at the edge of the city.

Can't wait to use the grill!

Aussie's first encounter with our samoyed lady :)

And (surprise surprise!)- food. In my opinion the best pasta is with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil and garlic, nothing else :)


  1. Your garden and where you live are just beautiful. What a gorgeous day :-) Aussie is having the best time I can tell. That pasta looks delicious - thanks for all your wonderful pictures!!