Friday, 12 July 2013

Greece, the cradle of European culture and knowledge

Aussie spent a week mainly on Kos, the Greek island. My little brother took care of him and also took most of the pictures. They visited f.e. a volcano, the Tree of Hippocrates, some ruins etc. I haven't been there so I'll just put here all the pictures, enjoy :)

I asked my family to bring me as a souvenir something typically Greek to eat or drink. And they brought me a lot! Ouzo (liquorice spirit), Soumada (it tastes like liquid marzipan!) and some cinnamon water, some spices for tzatziki etc. and a pair of pretty silver earrings, Aussie tried them immediately :)

By the way, in Czech language, "kos" is the name for a blackbird :)


  1. I am so jealous - your family look like they had amazing weather for their holiday in Greece. Let your brother, mum and dad know they did a fantastic job of taking some spectacular pictures!! Thank them for taking good care of Aussie as well :-) I so want to go to Greece now - it's beautiful

  2. I want to go there too- visiting Greece has always been my dream, I'm very fond of ancient history and culture and I LOVE the Mediterranean :) So I was quite sad I couldn't have gone there but someone was needed to stay home and take care of all the animals and garden. I'm happy Aussie went there too because it was quite boring here, I was working at the PC almost all the time, and the photos seem gorgeous!
    I will tell my family you liked the photos, I'm sure they will be glad :)