Sunday, 21 July 2013

NP Šumava #1 - Annín

We spent last week in the national park Šumava situated in southern Bohemia near the border with Germany. We lived in a small village called Annín. It's located in an area with Jewish community. We rent a cottage built in old Bohemian style with all the traditional tools. It was beautiful, like living in old times, and much cheaper than living in a hotel. The owners were very friendly, too! A perfect holiday :)

We spent a lot of time in this rocking chair, reading The Physician.

Aussie had his own bed! :)

Some traditional pies "koláče" and bacon "snails".

The pond in the garden.

The cottage in the background.

 Aussie found his first geocache! (if you don't know what is geocaching, I recommend this video)

And even signed it :)

It was at a nearby cemetery.

And deeper in the woods we found another church. I love these "lost" monuments!

Back to the cottage :)

We had loads of good food and mom's colleague was a great cook. He brought this fantastic things- a HUGE jar of "utopenci". Those are special sausages pickled in spiced vinegar (and our vinegar is very strong) with onion. They are traditional snack to have with beer so you can buy one in every pub in the Czech republic. I don't drink beer but I LOVE utopenci :)

Our breakfast- I just loved these cute bowls :)

Nearby river. Note the green man- it is supposed to be "vodník" although it's pretty cheesy :D

 Vodník is a Czech folklore creature, a green man who lives in the water, mainly in the south Bohemian ponds, drowns the people who swim there and collects their souls in tiny pots. Sometimes in night he can be seen sitting on a willow. There are some fairy tales about good vodníks as well.
There is a story about a vodník in the book Aussie bought in Prague.

However it seems this vodník was ok because the children were playing in the river without problems :)

Right next to the river there is also a pool.

Welcome to the national park Šumava :)


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  1. Isn't that cottage wonderful ?!? I am just about to look up geocaching in our area because I want to have a go. I am glad your vodnik seems like a good one!!