Sunday, 15 September 2013

Na Tokáni

We spent this weekend in the forests of Bohemian Switzerland. There is a historical cottage in which my aunt had her wedding party. It was a lot of fun with great people and loooads of food, especially local venison.

Our lunch- deer in plum sauce.

Oops :)

We spent most of time inside because the weather wasn't really nice. It's a pity because the surrounding forests and rocks were beautiful. Here are the pictures from our little walk.

Rocks are everywhere in Bohemian Switzerland. The green things on them are algae.

This part of forest was strange- so dark and dead..

This is the cottage we lived in.

We loved this tree!

Mushroom picking is sometimes said to be "Czech national sport" :D At this time of year you can meet loads of people hunting for mushrooms and almost every Czech is a mushroom specialist :D I love mushroom hunting although I don't eat them.

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