Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NP Šumava- Lakes etc. :-)

Here's the rest from Aussies travels in NP Šumava.

One of the best feelings- sitting at river and bathing one's tired feet in cool water after many kilometers of walking :-)

Kofola break!

Yummy coconut cookies.

Aussie gained a lot of knowledge about local geology.

And tried this thing to hear the sounds of water loud..

Some info about the history of the national park.

This river's name is Vydra.

And this is also vydra (otter) :-) They have one in local cottage/pub.

Me and Aussie had this delicious venison goulash in a freshly baked loaf of bread for lunch.

A dragonfly.

Our goal of the following day were local lakes. There are many ponds in the Czech republic but lakes are rare, so these few are very famous touristic attractions for the Czechs. This one is Černé jezero (Black Lake).

And this one is Čertovo jezero (Chort's lake). According to a legend there was first a hole leading to hell. One čert (a type of deamon from Czech mythology) tried to pull a girl down this hole but she tied a large piece of rock to his tail. As the čert was fighting and trying to catch her, the rock created a valley. After years of rains this valley became full of water and that's how Čertovo jezero was created.
It is said the surrounding woods are haunted. The locals for example say that a ghost of an old man can sometimes be seen at the shore of this lake, searching his kidnapped wife. Some other tales speak about goblins coming out from the water.

On our way home we stopped in a café. This one is famous for its cakes, it even won some local award. The cakes are huge and delicious (I don't eat cakes normally but these were yummy!). Me and Aussie had this one with marzipan.

This is how the interier looks like. There is a model of railway at the ceiling with small trains going around the shop :)

Local church.

The following day we visited a village called Dlouhá ves (Long Village) to find a geocache at a Jewish cemetery. The village was truly long- just a long street surrounded with fields. It took us a while but at last we found the cemetery and enjoyed its old mysterious atmosphere.

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