Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Francouzský večer/ Le soir français/ The French Evening

Still exhausted from the long double journey to Prague we almost immediately headed to the museum.
At the moment there is a festival in Ústí nad Labem called "Napoleonské slavnosti" (Napoleonic Celebrations). That's because at the nearby village- Chlumec- took place one of the most important Napoleonic battles, Battle of Kulm (Kulm is the foreing name for Chlumec which is otherwise unpronounceable for most of the foreigners). That was in 1813 so we are now celebrating 200 years anniversary of this important event of European history.
The festival will take place whole month. Each week is dedicated to one of the nations who fought in this battle- there was the German week, now we are in the middle of the French week, then there will be the Russian and the Austrian ones.  
 Aussie pretending he's a soldier. Looks quite real, doesn't it?

The main theme of these celebrations is Napoleon and the mentioned battle but the events- lectures, courses, concerts etc.- are dedicated to the four nations and countries in general.
Today in the museum café took place an event arranged by my (now ex) school- a cultural evening with French poetry, music and some interesting facts about France and its culture. I didn't expect it to be so good as it was!

 See me there? I actually went there just because I was asked to recite Prévert's Déjeuner du Matin- and I'm glad I did!

This young lady sang some songs by Edith Piaf- Padam, Mon Dieu and of course Rien de Rien. She was great and her voice was so strong it made everything vibrate :D
It isn't so intense but I made a short video (there's about a half of Mon Dieu and whole Rien de Rien):


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