Sunday, 16 June 2013

Science fair

We went to Brno (Southern Moravia) fro three days to present my research on roundworms contamination. It was a great event, the most important competition for young scientists in the country, however I didn't have time to take photos :( The original plan was to spend in Brno 2 more days and use them to see the interesting places of Southern Moravia, but my cousin at whom we were supposed to live cancelled it.
We lived in a hotel in the university part of the city. What's better than a fresh pair of towels with a little cute soap after a whole-day journey by bus?

The view from the balcony:

It was pretty hard to orient ourselves- accommodation, breakfasts, lunches + dinners, conferences, ceremonials, excursions... each of them in different buildings. I get lost easily but luckily Aussie was there to help :)

We learnt a lot from the other projects and researches and especially from the conferences. We also visited a greenhouse collection of orchids.

My project won the 8th place which means I definitely should be accepted to the Charles University (so much relief!) and I got a new microscope. We only tried it quickly yet. It's the first light microscope I've ever used that has a display instead of an eyepiece. It's not very good but sufficient for using at home for some easy biology fun :)

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  1. Love these photos - glad Aussie is being of assistance :-) I'm excited for you for your research and entry to university. That is one cool microscope - you are going to have so much science fun.