Tuesday, 11 June 2013

In Prague for a while

We spent a few hours in Prague because I had the entrance exams for the Charles University there. We didn't have much time but Aussie saw at least the Wenceslas sqaure. You can see the national museum in the background. In front of it is a large statue of Saint Wenceslas (kníže Václav). He lived in the 10th century and became the patron of Czech lands. It's a pity you can't smell the picture- the flowers had such sweet aroma!

And we stopped in the largest Prague bookshop because it's the only place I know where are sold many Czech books in English. Aussie bought himself a book- they didn't have the one I wanted for him (R.U.R., the play where was the word "robot" used for the very first time, and also the book I drew in my maturita exam :)) but we picked another cool one, a very Slavonic and very Czech classic with classical illustrations :) A little teaser:

It will be dark and maybe a bit scary, but good read ;)

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