Sunday, 23 June 2013


I sneaked Aussie to the performance of original Czech musical Kleopatra althought he didn't have a ticket- it was worth! :)
I first saw this musical as a little girl and loved it since then. It was also the first impulse that made me fond of ancient Roman history. I can sing all the songs by heart. Years ago they stopped playing it in the Prague theatre but now they play it in various cities in the republic outdoors. That was a great chance for me to see it again.
The cast has changed, in my opinion it's now much worse than it used to be- however the only actor who stayed in his role (Octavian Augustus) is my most favourite one so I was satisfied.


My favourite scene in the senate. I love togas. Men look so dignified in them!

This is the most popular song from the musical. It's Cleopatra's triumph when she became the queen of Egypt. I don't like it so much, maybe because I've heard it like for a milion times. When the musical came out this song was on the radio whenever you'd turn it on...
(Note the bald guy, my favourite character! :))
Oh, and enjoy our beautiful unpronounceable language! :)

The scene with angry Ptolemaios promising revenge to Caesar :) The part "nesnese se se sestrou" is an actual sentence, famous for how it sounds. It means "he can't stand his sister".

1 AM, coming back home by the red church.

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  1. Love it!! Is that an outdoor theatre. Aussie is so lucky :-)