Saturday, 29 June 2013

Last few days

Me, Aussie and my friend attended an event dedicated to Russian cuisine. There were the Russian teaching us how to make some of their traditional meals, there was also some Russian music and a short talking about Moscow.

Aussie's own "pirozhok" stuffed with seasoned meat. 


This guy was hilarious. He was very talkative and when he wasn't singing and playing Russian folk songs he was wandering around and showing everybody his magic tricks :D

This is so called "herring under a fur coat". Something I don't need to eat again in future. It's salt herring covered with numerous layers of boiled vegetables and mayonaisse. 

Look who Aussie found home :)

We also visited my grandparents for a day. They live in Vilémov, a village in which I spent a large part of my childhood.

This is the old graveyard. Vilémov is located near the German border so mainly Germans lie there. Most of the tombstones are so old it's impossible to read them.

This is the "miraculous spring" in Vilémov. The legend says that in 1646 two angels said to girl Anna who was ill that the water from this spring would heal her and it really did. Nowadays the water is slightly radioactive.

Grandma's garden.

And our half portrait in the old little cottage where I experienced many adventures as a child.

Lazy afternoon at the countryside.


  1. I love your photos Anofeles - they are amazing. Hmmm - Russian cuisine - I guess it's good to try some things once :-) the piroshki and borscht look yummy. My hubby and I have a thing about graveyards. It's fascinating thinking about the people's stories who are buried there - some old, some young, some with long stories some with minimal on their tombstones. I love all the old architecture and statues.

  2. I know, right? I always hesitate to tell people I love visiting graveyards because I'm afraid they would think I'm morbid. I just think those places are fascinating- so calm and mysterious, full of history and memories. And they're often so pretty, especially when situated in nice natural scenery :)
    Good to know you like them too!