Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ústí pod Labem

The name of our city- Ústí nad Labem- means literally "Mouth upon Labe" (Labe is in the rest of Europe known as Elbe). We have a flood here right now, which hit most of Bohemia but in Ústí nad Labem it's the worst, so the rest of the republic makes fun of us and calls our city "Ústí pod Labem" (Mouth under Labe). We live on a cliff called Mariánská skála so the flood didn't affect us (except the fact that it's not possible to use many services and to travel easily).
So today I took Aussie with me to the top of the cliff to see the flood from above. It's usually empty there but today there were loads of people who wanted to see the river too.
On our way we passed the ZOO, which is technically our neighbour :)

We crossed the nearby meadow...

And I showed Aussie local phonolite quarry.

Nice colour of the water, eh? :)

The yellow building in the background is chateau Větruše. I plan to take Aussie there soon. Maybe if the river gets a little bit higher we can swim there. And at the right edge of this picture you can't see the trailway station because it's under the water. From there I'm soon supposed to go to Prague to my University entrance exams. Wish us luck so we get there at all... :(

Our city on BBC from about 00:35:

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